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Personal Details

Gender: Female
Gender Identity:
Date of Birth: 06/06/1967
Political Party:
Net Worth:
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>Gerald Krivitz
Gerald Krivitz Brookfield, WI
Reputation Score: 0.90 - 2.43
>Danielle Mattson
Danielle Mattson Powell, TN
Reputation Score: 1.85 - 3.36
>Kenneth Libecki
Kenneth Libecki Milwaukee, WI
Reputation Score: 2.06 - 3.71
>Victor Drake
Victor Drake Milwaukee, WI
Reputation Score: 1.96 - 3.59
>Mark Deill
Mark Deill Madison, WI
Reputation Score: 0.56 - 2.69
>Michelle Lampkins
Michelle Lampkins Milwaukee, WI
Reputation Score: 1.18 - 2.75
>Kimberly Rivas
Kimberly Rivas Milwaukee, WI
Reputation Score: 0.98 - 2.41
>Michael Kebbekus
Michael Kebbekus Mukwonago, WI
Reputation Score: 2.05 - 3.46
>Christine Philippi
Christine Philippi Kewaskum, WI
Reputation Score: 1.69 - 3.70
>James Schutte
James Schutte Franklin, WI
Reputation Score: 1.55 - 3.50
>Angela Ellis
Angela Ellis Milwaukee, WI
Reputation Score: 0.97 - 2.34
>Curtis Ross
Curtis Ross Milwaukee, WI
Reputation Score: 0.71 - 2.36
>Darnell Parker
Darnell Parker Hammond, IN
Reputation Score: 0.87 - 2.28
>Jose Casas
Jose Casas Milwaukee, WI
Reputation Score: 2.17 - 3.48
>Sondra Bub
Sondra Bub Milwaukee, WI
Reputation Score: 2.35 - 3.50
>Dale Bugajski
Dale Bugajski New Berlin, WI
Reputation Score: 1.11 - 2.86
>Patrina Wilson
Patrina Wilson Milwaukee, WI
Reputation Score: 0.85 - 2.08
>Dawn Schmidt
Dawn Schmidt Milwaukee, WI
Reputation Score: 1.89 - 3.24
>Glenn Eichstaedt
Glenn Eichstaedt Cedarburg, WI
Reputation Score: 2.18 - 3.45