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Personal Details

Gender: Female
Gender Identity:
Date of Birth: 04/27/1950
Political Party: Republican
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Religion: Christian
Income: $70 - 79,999
Net Worth: $50,000 - $99,999
Relationship: Married
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>Ronald Belhasen
Ronald Belhasen Staffordsville, KY
Reputation Score: 1.76 - 3.07
>Paul Baker
Paul Baker Staffordsville, KY
Reputation Score: 0.92 - 2.39
>William Hamilton
William Hamilton Staffordsville, KY
Reputation Score: 1.21 - 3.26
>Phillip Wireman
Phillip Wireman Staffordsville, KY
Reputation Score: 1.91 - 3.36
>Gary Watkins
Gary Watkins Staffordsville, KY
Reputation Score: 1.97 - 3.48
>Diana Hackworth
Diana Hackworth Staffordsville, KY
Reputation Score: 0.59 - 2.12
>Joseph Freeman
Joseph Freeman Staffordsville, KY
Reputation Score: 0.05 - 1.98
>John Blanton
John Blanton Flatgap, KY
Reputation Score: 1.31 - 2.88
>Bryan Blanton
Bryan Blanton Lancaster, KY
Reputation Score: 1.64 - 2.91