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Personal Details

Gender: Male
Gender Identity:
Date of Birth: 06/25/1972
Political Party:
Net Worth:
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>Candace Pollitt
Candace Pollitt Cookeville, TN
Reputation Score: 1.68 - 3.03
>Brandon Postlewaite
Brandon Postlewaite North Port, FL
Reputation Score: 2.41 - 3.62
>Andrew Hunsaker
Andrew Hunsaker Belmont, NC
Reputation Score: 1.33 - 3.16
>Robert Scott
Robert Scott Toledo, OH
Reputation Score: 0.97 - 2.68
>Matthew Kalmbach
Matthew Kalmbach Oregon, OH
Reputation Score: 1.76 - 3.41
>Melissa Streetman
Melissa Streetman Wyoming, MI
Reputation Score: 1.93 - 3.16
>Cynthia Upham
Cynthia Upham Oregon, OH
Reputation Score: 1.49 - 3.42
>Dennis Ebel
Dennis Ebel Northwood, OH
Reputation Score: 2.42 - 3.67
>Tony Nowakowski
Tony Nowakowski Toledo, OH
Reputation Score: 0.52 - 2.15
>John Ragland
John Ragland Toledo, OH
Reputation Score: 0.65 - 2.58
>John Kyle
John Kyle Oregon, OH
Reputation Score: 1.07 - 2.82
>Jason Blazevich
Jason Blazevich Northwood, OH
Reputation Score: 2.11 - 3.58
>Shawn Aiello
Shawn Aiello Toledo, OH
Reputation Score: 1.00 - 2.71
>Steve Nesbit
Steve Nesbit Northwood, OH
Reputation Score: 1.25 - 2.42
>Toni Bobak
Toni Bobak Northwood, OH
Reputation Score: 1.34 - 3.29
>Tammy Favro
Tammy Favro Elmore, OH
Reputation Score: 2.09 - 3.52
>Eric Mullins
Eric Mullins Granada Hills, CA
Reputation Score: 1.34 - 3.27
>Robert Haas
Robert Haas Walbridge, OH
Reputation Score: 2.61 - 4.62